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Meet the Innkeeper Anna Currence

Anna Currence spent most of her 30-year career running retail chains all over the U.S. Having been a regular traveler she learned to search out those rare inns that offered what even the finest hotels couldn't, a friendly home away from home. Bed and Breakfasts were always her first choice. Now she has decided to take all she's learned from the perspective of a weary traveler and open the finest B & B she can imagine. And she can imagine a lot. From the moment you walk in you'll feel like you're visiting a close friend.


History of Museum District Bed & Breakfast

In 1922 when Judge William F. Rhea built his house at 2811 Grove Avenue, he was a retired US Congressman, Virginia Legislator, Judge, and Chairman of the Virginia State Corporation Commission and was spending his retirement years overseeing the Robert E. Lee camp for confederate veterans. The camp offered housing for homeless confederate war veterans and was comprised of over a dozen houses spread across the area that now contains the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the Virginia Historical Society. Wanting to be closer to the men, he chose to build his home across the street from the Camp. He was actively involved with the camp until his death in 1931. The Camp closed in 1941, upon the death of the last resident.